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The First Kiss No One Remembers— A Gleerpg Young!Theopervey Fic

It took place at one of their little play dates, very early on in their friendship.  This time, they had gone over to Harper’s house, and the three of them were doing the sort of things that you’d expect three elementary-school aged kids to be doing while they’re having a little play-date at someone’s house in the middle of summer.  There was a lot of running around; little games and playing pretend, but buried in the memories was something that seemed to disappear on that day and was never brought up again.

They were playing House— or, Harper’s version of House, which was more like Broadway-Wife and her Broadway Husband (Harvey) In Their Lovely Apartment in Manhattan.  Theo didn’t understand what half of these things meant at the time but he was content to play along with his only two friends.  There was an insistence on Harvey’s part that Theo played the son or the dog, but Harper insisted that successful Broadway Actresses had neither, so Theo was slated to play Harvey’s best friend; something Theo found to be all too easy to do.  It was less a game and more just him being himself.

Harvey seemed to take it into a direction that Theo didn’t quite understand.  They spent a lot of the time playing holding hands and being really close, which didn’t seem to Theo like a normal best-friendship.  When asked, Harvey just said that that’s how all successful Broadway Actors treat their guy best friends (oh, the naivete) so Theo went along with it, knowing that Harvey and Harper knew all this Broadway nonsense so much better.

Until one time when Harper was out buying Milk or Eggs or new Jazz shoes or something, and Harvey and Theo were hanging out in the Lovely Apartment in Manhattan.  Harvey had Theo laying on the couch and Harvey lay down on top of him( “Don’t worry, just another Successful Broadway Actor thing" he reassured) and then the moment Harper came in through the ‘door’, Harvey pressed his lips against Theo’s, leaving the young blonde boy staring wide-eyed up at his best friend wondering if that was just another thing Best Friends did.

Harper was hardly amused and the game ended there, all of them forgetting what had happened in the hustle and bustle of trying to play every game that they could before Harvey and Theo had to leave.  Maybe if she had known just how accurate to Broadway life their game had been, Harper would’ve appreciated it more.  Then again, if she knew how accurate to her life it was going to be, she would’ve hated it all the same.

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